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    With an uncertain economy, having cash on hand is the most essential thing for you. If you’d like to add cash to your pocket today, selling your unwanted valuables that only collect dust in your home may be your best choice. We can give you cash for jewelry, diamonds, sterling silver, watches, rare coins, antiques, art and more!

  • Engagement Rings

    Through an emotional time, we can help you with making a reasonable decision.

  • Gold, Silver and More

    We buy and sell gold and silver bullion products.

  • Diamonds

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but we’d like to think we are a close second.

  • Watches & Pocket Watches

    We purchase new and vintage watches and pocket watches, including Rolex, Patek Philippe and more.
  • Coins & Currency

    From silver and gold Eagles to the finest rarities, Twery's knows coins and currency!

  • Jewelry & Sterling

    Do you have old jewelry in your home that is currently just collecting dust?

A Word From Our Owner


Twery’s is a family owned business with a team comprised of trustworthy gold, silver, diamond, rare coins, watches, antiques and art experts.

Our main goal and motivation is to treat our customers with the upmost respect and to provide our clients with an outlet to reap the rewards of their forgotten treasures.

Whether you are cleaning out the attic or you find that you have gone years without using your first set of silverware, we are here to relieve you of the unwanted clutter and to provide you with cash quickly. Our team of experts will assess and declare the worth of your items, ensuring fair prices within minutes.

Contact us today by calling our local number 561-649-2646 or email us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!


According to experts across the world, now is the time to sell gold, silver and antique pieces. Due to the economic changes throughout the country, and the world, economists are expressing the value in these pieces to notify those who may benefit.

Here at Twery’s we take pride in our knowledge and expertise of this industry, as well as our continued knowledge on the happenings throughout the world that directly affect our customers.

Selling your unwanted items and treasures will surely satisfy the monetary needs that you are facing today.


No one can beat the comfort and assurance that comes with working with a family owned business.

Three generations have gained the knowledge and authority necessary to provide the highest level of customer service. Our reputation is of the highest standing based on the safety and security of our location, our willingness to make at home visits, our same day service and payments — as well as our competitive prices.

Climb up to the attic, sift through the closet and visit Twery’s today to see how much your hidden treasures are worth. You won’t be disappointed!