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Where is the Best Place To Sell Jewelry in West Palm Beach?

We all have that one piece of jewelry collecting dust in our jewelry box. Whether it’s the diamond earrings from an ex, the silver necklace you haven’t touched in years or the gold watch you used to wear all the time, you may be ready to let it go. Selling is an option for those looking to get some cash for those pieces. But sometimes you need a little advice on how and where to get started. Here are our

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Determining the Value of Your Watch or Pocket-watch

  Did you inherit a watch that has been passed down through your family for generations? Or maybe you found a unique timepiece at your local thrift shop? Chances are, you’re curious about its worth. Whether it’s a beautiful pocket watch or wristwatch, we want to help you determine the value of your time-keeper. Before you can begin, you must first answer these questions: What is the make and model? Check the watch’s dial for the words/logo that appear on

Sell Your Antiques - Antique Pocket Watch

Tips on Selling Your Antiques to Dealers Near You

Do you have an antique gem that you’d like to sell? Instead of listing your item on an online platform like Craigslist or Ebay, you may be considering approaching a local antiques dealer. Selling locally has numerous benefits including: Avoiding fees associated with selling online and collecting payments from buyers Avoiding the hassles of packing and shipping your item, especially important if the item is fragile and you don’t want to risk it getting damaged. Quick cash in hand In

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Where is the Best Place to Sell Gold in West Palm Beach?

  Have some gold that you’d like to liquidate for cash but not sure where you’ll get the best deal? Quick cash for old gold advertisements may be tempting, especially if you’re not familiar with where to begin. But with these schemes, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best deal? We considered the available options and came up with this list of the best places to sell gold in West Palm Beach.   Know Your Gold’s Worth

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Where to Sell Old Coins

Do you have a set of old coins you would like to sell for some cash? Have no idea where to begin? Wondering how to get the best price possible for your coins or what the fastest way is to get cash? These are just a few questions we hope to answer in the post below. Those who sell coins successfully know these two things: First, they understand what makes a coin valuable and know the value of their coins