When to Sell Gold

When to Buy & Sell Gold

For centuries, gold has been a well-known symbol of wealth and opulence. This precious metal is the investment of choice as it can be expected to maintain its value during times of inflation or stock market crashes. Here are some things you should know about gold before you try to buy and sell it. Buy Gold During Uncertain Times One of the most opportune times to buy gold is during periods of financial uncertainty and unrest. Keep your finger on

Invest in Gold

Investing in Gold: 3 Reason to Buy Gold Now

Are you looking to invest your funds in a stable and safe bet? Purchasing a precious metal such as gold could be the answer you’ve been searching for.  Not only will you be investing in an asset that has been valued for centuries, this ancient symbol of wealth will also play a significant role in your modern portfolio. Why is this the case? What specifically qualifies gold as a worthwhile investment now? What makes purchasing physical gold a smart idea

precious metals investing

Precious Metals Investing Opportunities for 2017

Do you have an impressive coin collection you’re looking to expand? Are you a new investor looking to try out a new hobby? Make 2017 your year of investing in Precious Metals. With so many exciting coins debuting in 2017, captivating yearly additions make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. A well-rounded base of iconic coins increases a collection’s value and these easily identifiable Silver coins and Gold coins make worthwhile purchases for any collection. Gold Coins 2017 Canada Gold

how much is a diamond worth

How much is a Diamond Worth? Learn About Diamond Prices!

There’s no doubt about it: diamonds are HIGHLY valuable! They range in prices from several hundred dollars up to literally millions (the Pink Star diamond sold for $83.2 million at auction). But do you know what makes some diamonds worth more than others? Sure, the size of the diamond is one of the factors that play a role in its price, but there are a number of other factors to consider. So how much is a diamond worth? How do

Silver half dollar coint

The Most Valuable Silver Half Dollars and Their Values

There was a time when silver half-dollars where everywhere. People carried them around in their pockets and purses, and they were more popular than paper money. They were more popular than silver dollars, due to their more compact size and weight but high value. Sadly, in 2002, the U.S. Mint decreased the production of silver half-dollars, leading to a decrease in their circulation.