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What You Need To Know About Proof Sets

We all know that certain gold and silver coins are worth more than others. The older the coin, the higher the value. Rarity also plays a role in the value of coinage. But did you know that you can have two of the same coins from the exact same year with the same weight and purity, and one could be more valuable than the other? If one is a proof coin, you’ll find it’s more valuable than standard coins.

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How Much is a Silver Dollar Worth?

Silver dollars were once the accepted currency of the United States. The first silver dollar was minted way back in 1794, and it was one of the most widely-used forms of specie until the U.S. officially transitioned to paper currency in 1970.


How Much Is White Gold Worth? Tips For Selling White Gold Rings

When most people think of gold, they think of the typical yellow gold. But did you know that the value of white gold is actually often higher than that of yellow gold? This is due to the rhodium that’s mixed in to give the gold its white color. Rhodium is a high-value metal, and by mixing it into the gold, the value of the gold itself is increased.

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What To Do With Your Wedding Ring After Divorce?

Since Ancient Egypt, wedding rings have been used as a symbol of love and marriage. The ancient Egyptians used rushes, reeds, and sedges to braid into rings, or made them out of bone or ivory. The Romans used iron to symbolize strength and permanence, but soon adopted fancier metals (gold and silver) as a symbol of wealth.

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Why Does Silver Tarnish? 5 Ideas To Keep Tarnish Free Silver

Together with gold, silver is probably the most commonly used metal for jewelry. It’s common to see people wearing silver rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Silver is fairly cheap, lightweight, and beautiful.