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What Makes a Coin Valuable?

Many of our customers have inherited individual coins or coin collections that belonged to family members or other loved ones and they want to know whether the coins have real value. There are a number of factors that determine whether a coin has value to numismatists – those who study and collect coins, paper money and sometimes medals. Following are the key factors that appraisers use to determine a coin’s value:

4 things you need to know before selling gold graphic

Infographic: Gold Facts

There are some things you should know about gold before you try and sell it. By educating yourself about the gold buying process before you sell, you’ll be able to understand the process that gold buyers like Twery’s use when buying your gold.

Diamond Ring

Tips for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

While a diamond may be forever, many people decide at some point to part with their diamond jewelry. Many women sell pieces of jewelry after the break-up of a marriage or relationship because they carry too many unwanted memories. For a number of people, selling jewelry, particularly diamonds, is an economic decision. They can use the money more than they can use a diamond ring that just sits in a jewelry box or safe.

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Assessing Colored Diamonds’ Quality: How Does It Differ?

People often ask our appraisers at Twery’s if the same criteria are used for assessing the value of colored diamonds as for white “colorless” ones. So-called “fancy color diamonds” are those not in the normal color range. They can be worth as much as five or six figures per carat. Extremely rare one can be worth much more.

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5 Great Non-Jewelry Items to Bring to Twery’s

At Twery’s, we’re proud that so many people throughout South Florida think of us when they want a fair price for their estate jewelry and other valuable jewels that they no longer need or want. However, we also buy a variety of other valuable items.