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Twery’s has established itself as one of the premier South Florida locations for helping prospective clients sell diamond rings, modern or antique jewelry, gold, silver and more. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but we’d like to think we are a close second. If you have diamonds you are no longer wearing and would like to sell them, our certified team is here to help.


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When or Why Should I Sell My Diamond Ring?

Sometimes, a diamond is not forever, and the time is right to sell your jewelry. If you have a preloved diamond ring that you’d be better off getting cash for rather than collecting dusts and old memories, it might be the right time to sell.

The on-the-spot cash you can get from Twery’s for selling your diamond ring is often the main reason our clients come to us. More importantly, they know they will get an honest, expert appraisal of their diamond jewelry and will be able to appreciate what their possessions are worth.

How Does Selling my Diamond Ring Work?

Twery’s clients often tell us that we are “the best place to sell diamond rings” because the process is so easy and because of our good standing with multiple accreditation bodies. If you are ready to sell your diamond ring, here’s what you can expect at Twery’s:

  1. You bring in your diamond for an expert appraisal
  2. We’ll examine your diamond ring for the “four C’s:” color, clarity, carat, and cut as well as other criteria
  3. We make you a cash offer
  4. If you accept, you walk out with cash on the spot

We Buy Certified and Non-certified Diamond Rings

Some diamond buyers only buy diamonds that have the accompanying gemological certificate. However, the diamond appraisers at Twery’s can evaluate diamonds that don’t contain the original certificate and give you cash based on an accurate appraisal of your ring.

Sell Your Diamond Ring Today

If you or someone you know is looking to sell their diamond collection, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ve inspected, bought, and sold thousands of diamonds. Our experience is top-notch and you’ll always get the fairest price for your valuables.

Contact our diamond buyers now or stop by and visit us today for a free diamond appraisal. Our team of highly trained individuals is eager help and to discuss how we may benefit your needs.

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