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At Twery’s, we are sympathetic to the reasons why our clients decide to sell engagement rings. During this sometimes emotional time, we help take the emotion out of the selling process so that you can be confident with the advice and cash offer we provide.

Our very own Director of Diamond Sales, Seth Eber, has been working in this industry since 1982 and can ensure that you will receive the value of your engagement ring in full.


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Why Sell Engagement Rings?

Selling an engagement ring is attractive to many of our clients because these items often retain high second hand value. Whether they sell the entire ring or decide to keep the setting and sell the diamond (allowing them to buy a larger diamond), the potential cash available for this sale is very appetizing.

How We Appraise Your Engagement Ring

When visiting Twery’s, we will examine your valuables by assessing their worth through a professional process. Specific to diamonds, we will determine their worth by checking the carat size, number of diamonds, clarity and most importantly the cut.

The examination will consist of determining a few main points.

  1. First and foremost, the size of the diamond will be the primary indicator of value.  A diamond exceeding one full carat is exceedingly rare and will raise its worth substantially.
  2. Secondly and arguably, the most important aspect will be the cut of the diamond. The cut illuminates the diamond by receiving the light, bouncing off the walls internally and exiting through the top to provide the glitter that all women swoon over.
  3. The color of your diamond ring is also considered in the appraisal.

Of course, not all engagement rings contain diamonds and the experts at Twery’s can evaluate your engagement no matter what the metal, stone, or materials used.

How do I Sell Engagement Rings to Twery’s?

Twery’s has evaluated, bought and sold 1,000’s of diamond, engagement and wedding rings. Our experience has taught us to make the process of selling your jewelry as simple as possible:

  1. Bring your engagement ring into Twery’s for an on-the-spot appraisal
  2. Our certified experts will examine it based on a number factors that consider the materials, craftsmanship, weight, and other criteria
  3. We’ll make you a cash offer
  4. Should you accept, you leave with cash

Sell Your Engagement Ring Today

Every day, we guarantee our customers fair and competitive prices as well as same day service. Your monetary gain is just a call away and we are eager to provide you with this opportunity. Stop by our South Florida location today or contact us for more information.

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